Aggie Connections and Seminars

In alignment with county, city and campus recommendations, Health Professions Advising will be working remotely by offering phone appointments and workshops via Zoom. To schedule an appointment with an advisor, visit Please visit our the Upcoming Events Page for Announcement and Updates and Facebook page to learn more. If you have any questions, please email

Health Professions Advising offers connections and seminars throughout the academic year. Seminars may be health profession specific or general pre-health development. Go here for the full list of all Aggie Connections. Our ONLINE Fall 2020 connections and seminars will be available soon.

Fall 2020

  • We expect our Aggie Connections to be hosted online via Zoom during Fall 2020.
  • Navigating Pre-Med as a First-Year
    Interested in becoming a doctor in the future, but unsure of where to begin your pre-med journey? This Connection will cover what you can do during your first year and beyond to be a successful pre-med student! Learn all about what being pre-med actually entails- we will discuss common myths, look at medical school prerequisites and learn how to manage your classes on the quarter system, explore health-related experiences you can do at UC Davis, provide guidance on building relationships with faculty, and more.
    Day & Time: Thursdays 1:10 - 2:00 PM
    Waitlist: This Connection is full. Use this link to be added to the waitlist in AggieLife.
  • Black Students in White Coats
    Are you feeling discouraged in pursuing medicine as a student of color? Join Health Professions Advising as we welcome current black medical students to share their individual journeys into medicine. Each week, we will bring in one black medical student that will share advice and strategies on how to navigate this path. You will have time to ask lots of questions, so come and get connected!
    Day & Time: Mondays 6:10 - 7:00pm
    Registration: This Connection is not for credit. Use this link to register in AggieLife.
  • Narrative Medicine: Finding the value of your story in the process of preparing for medicine
    In partnership with the Narrative Pre-Health Club, this Connection will help students understand the value that they bring to medicine through writing and art. Observation, analysis, empathy, and reflection
    combined, act as powerful tools for how we process the human experience. This Connection will expose students to different topics/perspectives in healthcare through a variety of mediums (writing, reading, video, etc.) where they will be able to engage with the material through group discussion and written reflection. Participants will produce writing that can be submitted for publication in our literary journal.
    Day/Time: Wednesdays 6:10-7:00pm 
    Registration Link: This Connection is not for credit. Use this link to register in AggieLife.