Pre-Med Transfer Student Prep Program

PMTP Flyer

The path of the Pre-Medical undergraduate can be a challenge.  Transfer students often find that life at UC Davis is very different than life at their community college.  The classes are larger.  Our lecturers often perform double duty as teachers and researchers.  This means sometimes we will get less face time with them and more time spent with teaching assistants or tutors.  The resources are available for you to succeed but sometimes they can be difficult to find, especially as you are trying to find your way around classes and keep up with a science heavy schedule.

The Pre-Med Transfer Prep Program is designed to give you a two day head start.  During the course of our two day program, you will meet with other Pre-Med transfers students, be exposed to a sample lecture, help you gain an insight into what you have to look forward to as Pre-Med students, navigate course scheduling, and get a general overview of different programs available to you as a UC Davis Student.

Many of the professors on campus are involved in research and enjoy adding information to their lectures that reflects the current state of research in the field or in their lab.  The sample lecture will be given by one of our esteemed professors so that you can get an understanding of the quick pace and in depth nature the UC Davis classes offer.

UC Davis is home to the only independent Health Professions Advising office in California.  In addition, there are dozens of programs designed to assist you in succeeding and thriving at UC Davis.  The general overview will discuss some of the programs designed specifically to help you as transfers adapat to your new environment.

Lunch will be provided for both days.  It is highly recommended that you bring your bike and wear comfortable shoes.  This program is available to all students transferring to UC Davis in Fall 2017 who are interested in pursuing a Pre-Medical path (Preference will be given to students in the College of Biological Sciences).  Participants must submit a registration form (UC Davis email, UC Davis Student ID number and SIRS confirmation required for registration) along a $25 refundable deposit no later than July 31st.  **Deposit is to cover the cost of student absence and will be refunded after sign in on the second day of the program**


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