Application Process

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Application Process

The UC Davis Health Professions Post-bac Program will offer just one cohort per year, always starting in January. Applications for the January 2021 cohort will be open from July 1st- July 31st for the Priority Application on PostBacCAS. We will close to review priority applicants, and then reopen from August 13thSeptember 30th for the general application period. Applications are due by 8:59 PST/11:59 EST on the due date. The application process is rolling, so applying early is highly recommended.

Applicants who do not wish to complete the full five-quarter program, but prefer to complete post-bac work on a quarter-by-quarter basis will apply using our Single Quarter application. To start in Winter 2021, the deadline will be September 30, 2020. To start in Spring of 2021, the deadline will be January 30, 2021


Applicants will need to submit the following:

- Official transcripts for every undergraduate institution attended
- ACT, SAT, or other test scores
- Personal statements
- Two letters of recommendation (one science professor, one other)

Personal Statement Prompts:

1. What is the value that you bring to your intended career? (Hint: Synthesize your experiences, attributes, skills, insights, and career goals to create a statement with evidence about what you intend to do in your future). 

2. What happened during your undergraduate years that caused you to need a post-bac program? How have circumstances that created the challenges been resolved? 

3. What do you think will be the most difficult aspect of pursuing our post-bac program? In what way(s) are you equipped to succeed? 

Letter of Recommendation Criteria:

1. A science professor from any institution. Specifically, you should ask this person to comment on your readiness to pursue challenging science courses and commit the time and energy required to succeed. Core Competencies they should address include: Capacity for Improvement, Critical Thinking, Adaptability, Written and Oral Communication, and Science Competency

2. A professional who has witnessed your work with others. This can include a mentor, PI, supervisor, health professional or community leader. Specifically, you should ask this person to comment on your ability to persist when challenged, solve problems creatively, resolve conflicts tactfully, and/or work with integrity. Core Competencies they should address include: Service Orientation, Social Skills, Cultural Competence, Teamwork, Ethical Responsibility to Others, and Dependability

Note: If you have been out of school for more than 2 years, a science letter of recommendation can be substituted for an additional professional letter.



Success in our program is our top priority, so candidates being considered for admittance will be interviewed to assess maturity, readiness, and fit. Interview invites will be sent as applications are screened from July 1 through October. Acceptances will be emailed no later than October 31st. Applicants will be interviewed via Zoom.



Accepted applicants will be required to submit a $300 non-refundable deposit that will be applied toward tuition. Directions on where to pay the deposit will be sent upon acceptance.