Optometry Success Stories

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Devon KennedyDevon Kennedy

Major: Biological Sciences, emph. NPB
Overall GPA: 3.23
Graduation Year: 2014

Which school are you attending?

I will be attending Southern California College of Optometry this coming August. Through my application process I was offered 5 out of 6 interviews. Luckily, by my second interview I was accepted to my top pick university. 

What UC Davis extracurriculars did you participate in?

During my undergraduate career I was very involved with extracurricular activities. This spanned from leadership positions in Delta Gamma and the Ski & Snowboard Club to participating in Club Tennis and Foresight. 

How many hours on average did you spend studying for your courses per week?

As with any pre-health major I studied A LOT! School was/is a full time job and I can honestly say that I studied anywhere from 20-32 hours per week. 

Did you use a test prep course?

Yes. I chose to do a prep course because I am the type of person that needs a schedule and direction when studying such a large breadth of material. While the OAT prep course did help me with what to study and how to study, be cautious that a practice test may not truly reflect questions asked on the OAT. While taking the OAT I felt slightly off-guard because I was used to the practice test question format. 

What do you consider to be your strengths in your application?

The strength in my application definitely came from my experience within the field. I had a strong resume with experience not only from interning but also working as an optician for two years while in school. I also reached out and shadowed as many doctors as possible. Do note that it is not necessary to have as much field experience as I listed, but I would recommend catering your optometry experience to the schools you are interested in. 

Did you apply nationally?

Yes. I applied to schools in California, Texas, and Florida. 

What advice do you have for others?

The best advice I can give is to know your strengths and maximize them. Secondly, don't give up! I have seen a lot of peers stop pursing medicine because it's hard. Don't let the hard quarters get you down. And if you know your application is not as strong as you would like, don't be afraid to contact schools you're interested in to get their advice.