Genetic Counseling

Daiana Bucio

Daiana Bucio

Major: Genetics & Genomics, Human Development Minor

Overall GPA: 3.52

Graduation Year: 2016

Which school are you attending?

I received six offers and I accepted a spot at Stanford School of Medicine.

What UC Davis extracurriculars did you participate in?

I was a peer advisor at the UC Davis Biology Academic Success Center. I interned with the pediatric genetic counselors at the UC Davis MIND Institute for a year. I volunteer at the California Youth Crisis Hotline in Sacramento. I have also done clinical work with autistic children, gone abroad to work with children in a Mexican orphanage, and volunteered at a clinic in Nicaragua.

How many hours on average did you spend studying for your courses per week?

It varied. Once I became more serious about my studies, I followed the Carnegie Rule, which is 2-3 hours of studying for every hour I spent in class. 

Did you use a test prep course?

My programs required that I take the GRE. To prepare, I took the Kaplan GRE online course. I chose this because it allowed me to go home for the summer and log into classes from there. I also knew that I need some sort of framework for my studies. I recommend it for anyone who wants both the freedom of taking classes anywhere at any time, and the structure of having deadlines and homework.

What do you consider to be your strengths in your application?

My experiences both on and off campus were definitely my strengths.

Did you apply nationally?

Yes, about half of my applications were out of state.

What advice do you have for others?

It can be hard to find your place at a large school like UC Davis. I really encourage you to get involved in something you love to do. You will be amazed at the many paths that open up and the amazing people you meet once you put yourself out there. Also, take advantage of your campus resources. I wish I had done this from day one! Your journey towards a professional health career does not have to be traveled alone.