Supplemental Applications

Supplemental applications (or secondaries) are sent after the primary application has been submitted. Generally schools that use a centralized application system tend to use supplemental applications to collect information they desire. Some programs will send a supp to every applicant, while others will pre-screen the applicant pool, sending supps to those who are most qualified. The second application costs an additional fee per school. If you are applying to a program that requires a supp, you should plan to have around $1000 ready to be used about a month after submitting your primary application. You will also need to set aside time. Some supps are quick answers from a selection, while others may require additional essays. We advise the following:

  • Tailor each essay to the program. ("Speak" to the school by highlighting how you would be a good fit based on how your attributes and experiences align with their mission and philosophy)

  • Know the schools to which you apply so that you can tailor your application to them. Do not copy and paste the same essay into multiple schools' supps.

  • Edit your supp carefully. Be sure not to include the wrong school name because you are in a rush and forget to edit. Never send first draft writing.

  • Don't leave questions blank. If they ask an optional question, answer it.

Application Timelines

Fee Assistance

Some programs offer fee assistance to applicants that will waive the supplemental application fees. Take a look to see if the program you are pursuing offers fee assistance.